Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Are you helping or hurting your child? Part 3

So let me move on to the main topic.

When we fail to create a loving, peaceful and respectful environment we end up skewing our children's thoughts, opinions and deep down, the person they become. This is something that no one may ever realize about themselves: at least, not without a therapist to direct them to the deep dark hidden pain that lies within us. The fact remains that we are not perfect and we will do things that shape our children in positive and negative ways. Knowledge is power and I have been on a quest to know as much as I can about myself to change cycles that have become my life. In unlocking the depths of my soul, I have realized some of the ways I have negatively impacted my own children. It pains me to know this and yet I feel empowered to help them unlock things that trouble them, as well.

I do not blame others for my cycle. You may learn things in this blog that are sad and painful… Sure things have happened in my life that others contributed to when I was young. Just know, I take responsibility for my life.

Are you helping or hurting your child? Part 2


· Kissing our spouse as soon as they get home or acknowledging the spouse before anyone else, teaches children that the adults love and care for each other. It also promotes stability. 

· Constantly ignoring or arguing with our spouse teaches children that this behavior is okay to do toward the ones we say we love.

· Responding to accidents in a calm and rational way (no matter who did it) teaches them that no one is perfect and it is, simply put, Okay that we are not perfect.

· Screaming, yelling and accusing when someone has an accident teaching children that only people who have value do not make mistakes.

· Showing respect to all people.  ALL... no matter gender, age, race, size or financial disposition. This teaches that everyone is important and should be treated with respect.

· Showing disrespect either to some one’s face or behind their back teaches many untruths like: women are not as important men, youth does not have intelligent opinions, everyone that is not of my race is out to get me, overweight people are slobs and just eat too much, or only the people in my financial league or higher can offer me valuable advice. Etc.

Are you helping or hurting your child? Part 1

Many parents try to do their best at raising their child.  Taking care of their basic needs as an infant, teaching them to walk and talk... even correcting the pronunciation when they say a word incorrectly. *waubee instead of water* or *baff instead of bath*

As they grow up, we make sure they have nice clothes to wear to school and have lunch or lunch money. We even may go as far as setting up a college fund or help with scholarship applications.  All of this in hopes of raising responsible adults.

What we may not realize is the day to day things we say, do and sometimes present that develops the character of our children! 

 If you have followed me on this blog, you will read posts about college, dieting, spiritual guidance and supporting of various passions I have. I am starting my healing process right NOW. I am going to change the cycles that I have found myself in and unlock the barriers that have been created by my past to keep me in a sense of unimportant/incompetent failure. As I move through the cycles, maybe I will blog a little about my journey.

Stay tuned...

Monday, January 25, 2016

One step forward and two steps back? Say what!!!!

When we use the word STEP different definitions come to people's mind.  For instance, if I said STEP to someone with exercise on their mind they may think of the literal 'walking' as STEPS.  If I said STEP to someone trying to overcome an addiction or emotional hold, they may think of a process with STEPS.

During the HCG plan, there is a thing called 'Plan Interruption' in which you break from the plan for a few days and then pick up where you left off. The issue I have had with this interruption is the increase in weight.  Friday I was down to 191.6 .  After three days, I am up to 197. Imagine my disappointment and the reason behind the title of my post. Okay, before you start thinking that this is what will happen when I come off the plan entirely... let me tell you this. Just like any plan, the HCG has phases of the diet. I did not comply 100% with the plan during the interruption. This IS the reason that I gained that much weight. I am frustrated with myself, quiet honestly. So to come clean with this past weekend let me share with you the things I ate.

Atkin's Bar - ok
Water - ok
Bison sample- the mashed potato and gravy was NOT on plan
Bison burger and Parmesan Broccoli - bun was NOT on plan
1/2 Cheesecake - NOT on plan
Cinnamon Almonds - sugar NOT on plan
Coke - NOT on plan

1 pancake w/ topping - NOT on plan
eggs - ok
Coke x2 - NOT on plan
Stacker from Moe's - shell NOT on plan
Atkin's Bar - ok
Chicken w/ broccoli - ok
Sangria - NOT on plan
Water - ok
Coke Zero - ok

OK there it is! Friday and Saturday's foods. Sunday was not great either. Ice cream found it's way into my mouth somehow. LOL

I am determined to make up for this setback!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week Two of the DIET & NEW YEAR

Sixteen days into this Diet. I am going strong and on plan. This phase in the plan is very, very strict. It becomes hardest when my husband wants to eat out. I love the change; however, this strict of a plan requires only certain foods cooked with no oils or butter.

Here are the stats for this week:

Starting weight this week: 202.0     

DAY 9:              199.6       lost 2.4  
DAY 10:            198.2       lost 1.4
DAY 11:             198.0      lost .2
DAY 12:            197.8       lost .2
DAY 13:            196.4       lost 1.4
DAY 14:            195.6       lost .8
DAY 15:            194.6       lost 1
DAY 16:            194.2       lost .4

Ending Stats:     This Week's Loss 7.8  Total Loss 18.2 (including gain)   Actual Loss 10.8

I am feeling much better physically. This diet is draining though. I am so tired mostly. My stomach growls often; I just think it is complaining. I am not hungry much, though and that is the good part. I love that I am not on this journey alone, although the goal is to be health, I pray we stay strong and do what we need to that will keep the weight off. Phase one was easy for me. This is Phase two and it is hard. NO KIDDING about that.  Phase three is difficult. However, phase FOUR is the biggest, hardest part of them all ~ keeping it off.