Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Are you helping or hurting your child? Part 1

Many parents try to do their best at raising their child.  Taking care of their basic needs as an infant, teaching them to walk and talk... even correcting the pronunciation when they say a word incorrectly. *waubee instead of water* or *baff instead of bath*

As they grow up, we make sure they have nice clothes to wear to school and have lunch or lunch money. We even may go as far as setting up a college fund or help with scholarship applications.  All of this in hopes of raising responsible adults.

What we may not realize is the day to day things we say, do and sometimes present that develops the character of our children! 

 If you have followed me on this blog, you will read posts about college, dieting, spiritual guidance and supporting of various passions I have. I am starting my healing process right NOW. I am going to change the cycles that I have found myself in and unlock the barriers that have been created by my past to keep me in a sense of unimportant/incompetent failure. As I move through the cycles, maybe I will blog a little about my journey.

Stay tuned...

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