Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Are you helping or hurting your child? Part 2


· Kissing our spouse as soon as they get home or acknowledging the spouse before anyone else, teaches children that the adults love and care for each other. It also promotes stability. 

· Constantly ignoring or arguing with our spouse teaches children that this behavior is okay to do toward the ones we say we love.

· Responding to accidents in a calm and rational way (no matter who did it) teaches them that no one is perfect and it is, simply put, Okay that we are not perfect.

· Screaming, yelling and accusing when someone has an accident teaching children that only people who have value do not make mistakes.

· Showing respect to all people.  ALL... no matter gender, age, race, size or financial disposition. This teaches that everyone is important and should be treated with respect.

· Showing disrespect either to some one’s face or behind their back teaches many untruths like: women are not as important men, youth does not have intelligent opinions, everyone that is not of my race is out to get me, overweight people are slobs and just eat too much, or only the people in my financial league or higher can offer me valuable advice. Etc.

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