Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Are you helping or hurting your child? Part 3

So let me move on to the main topic.

When we fail to create a loving, peaceful and respectful environment we end up skewing our children's thoughts, opinions and deep down, the person they become. This is something that no one may ever realize about themselves: at least, not without a therapist to direct them to the deep dark hidden pain that lies within us. The fact remains that we are not perfect and we will do things that shape our children in positive and negative ways. Knowledge is power and I have been on a quest to know as much as I can about myself to change cycles that have become my life. In unlocking the depths of my soul, I have realized some of the ways I have negatively impacted my own children. It pains me to know this and yet I feel empowered to help them unlock things that trouble them, as well.

I do not blame others for my cycle. You may learn things in this blog that are sad and painful… Sure things have happened in my life that others contributed to when I was young. Just know, I take responsibility for my life.

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