Monday, January 25, 2016

One step forward and two steps back? Say what!!!!

When we use the word STEP different definitions come to people's mind.  For instance, if I said STEP to someone with exercise on their mind they may think of the literal 'walking' as STEPS.  If I said STEP to someone trying to overcome an addiction or emotional hold, they may think of a process with STEPS.

During the HCG plan, there is a thing called 'Plan Interruption' in which you break from the plan for a few days and then pick up where you left off. The issue I have had with this interruption is the increase in weight.  Friday I was down to 191.6 .  After three days, I am up to 197. Imagine my disappointment and the reason behind the title of my post. Okay, before you start thinking that this is what will happen when I come off the plan entirely... let me tell you this. Just like any plan, the HCG has phases of the diet. I did not comply 100% with the plan during the interruption. This IS the reason that I gained that much weight. I am frustrated with myself, quiet honestly. So to come clean with this past weekend let me share with you the things I ate.

Atkin's Bar - ok
Water - ok
Bison sample- the mashed potato and gravy was NOT on plan
Bison burger and Parmesan Broccoli - bun was NOT on plan
1/2 Cheesecake - NOT on plan
Cinnamon Almonds - sugar NOT on plan
Coke - NOT on plan

1 pancake w/ topping - NOT on plan
eggs - ok
Coke x2 - NOT on plan
Stacker from Moe's - shell NOT on plan
Atkin's Bar - ok
Chicken w/ broccoli - ok
Sangria - NOT on plan
Water - ok
Coke Zero - ok

OK there it is! Friday and Saturday's foods. Sunday was not great either. Ice cream found it's way into my mouth somehow. LOL

I am determined to make up for this setback!!!

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