Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week Two of the DIET & NEW YEAR

Sixteen days into this Diet. I am going strong and on plan. This phase in the plan is very, very strict. It becomes hardest when my husband wants to eat out. I love the change; however, this strict of a plan requires only certain foods cooked with no oils or butter.

Here are the stats for this week:

Starting weight this week: 202.0     

DAY 9:              199.6       lost 2.4  
DAY 10:            198.2       lost 1.4
DAY 11:             198.0      lost .2
DAY 12:            197.8       lost .2
DAY 13:            196.4       lost 1.4
DAY 14:            195.6       lost .8
DAY 15:            194.6       lost 1
DAY 16:            194.2       lost .4

Ending Stats:     This Week's Loss 7.8  Total Loss 18.2 (including gain)   Actual Loss 10.8

I am feeling much better physically. This diet is draining though. I am so tired mostly. My stomach growls often; I just think it is complaining. I am not hungry much, though and that is the good part. I love that I am not on this journey alone, although the goal is to be health, I pray we stay strong and do what we need to that will keep the weight off. Phase one was easy for me. This is Phase two and it is hard. NO KIDDING about that.  Phase three is difficult. However, phase FOUR is the biggest, hardest part of them all ~ keeping it off.

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