Friday, January 8, 2016

One week on the Diet

Well I am into this diet. The HCG diet. It is a controversial plan being a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD); however I know that it works for me. So to catch you up, I started on the first and am doing the 45 day plan.

Here are the stats for my first week:

Starting weight      205.0  (eekkk I can't believe I posted this)

DAY 1:              205.0       estimated due to traveling without a scale   Load day
DAY 2:             ?????        no scale while traveling                                    Load day
DAY 3:             210.6        Actual scale weight                                            Load day
DAY 4:             212.4        results from three Load Days                          43 VLCD
DAY 5:             207.6        lost 4.8 pounds today
DAY 6:             204.8       lost 2.8 pounds today
DAY 7:             202.8       lost 2.0 pounds today
DAY 8:            202.0        lost 0.8 pounds today

Ending Stats:     Load day Gain 7.4    Total Loss 10.4   Actual Loss 3.0

Not too bad for the first eight days.

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