Thursday, September 11, 2014

Just another day...

I noticed I haven't posted since the bible study I was in. I go in waves you could say... My life's goes and stops in Waves. LOL

Where I have been.
My daughter graduated from High School. I am very proud of her and the accomplishments we achieved while in MHS. She has grown into a very beautiful, smart and caring woman! I miss her now that she doesn't live with us. It really is the little things that cause me to think about her. Treasured moments!
My husband was offer a position in South Carolina and we decided to take it. We have been busy selling our Indiana home, training a replacement for my office manager position, moving my daughter closer to her college and relocating several states away.

Fast forward to today.

Where we are now.
My husband has been working hard for the past two months in South Carolina. Ethan (gbaby) and I have been here for three weeks. I have received several job offers and plan to start one on Monday. Ethan has a preschool he likes and will start on the 19th. If all of that wasn't enough to have been accomplished in just a few short weeks, we have been house hunting and placed an offer on a lovely piece of property/house.

Time will tell what the future holds for us.

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