Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Where is YOUR mind? (part 2)

So I have been thinking, again. This study does that to me. Instead of saying EXERCISE and WORKOUT.... what if we said we were going to Celebrate Strength?

We might think... ugh... I have to workout today... wished it could be my rest day, but that was every day last week!


We could think... What can I do today to celebrate my strength that I was blessed with from God?

This puts me in another NEW mindset. What about you?

Here is an 'oh-so-true' story about me. I have a desire to want my husband to think I look good/cute/beautiful. I am sure I am not the only wife/woman out there with this desire. lol. In my quest to hear his approval, I would often intentionally not change into my workout outfit when I got home. You see, I get home before him. When I think I have dressed nicely or look exceptionally cute that day, I desire to receive a complement. My workplace isn't helpful in this department so I just stay in my cuteness and cook dinner, wait from him to get home, eat dinner, clean-up kitchen, (8pm by now... still in dressy clothes... still no verbal notice) get 3yr old ready for bed. I am typically mentally exhausted from my yearning for him to see me. I change into bed clothes and crawling into bed and sleep. Yesterday's #P31 blog post was helpful. They spoke of Leah in the bible and of her wanting to feel loved and accepted by her husband. How she prayed and bore 3 sons for him (I believe). Each time saying, that she hoped to gain favor with him.

*OMG this seems to speak to ME!!! I am her! I am constantly wanting to feel desired by him and hoping with each passing accomplishment that I receive it. Now let me back up a little here and say, the last study we did, God revealed some things to me and opened my eyes to this issue in my life and how it is part of the reason I have issues keeping weight off. Now God has shown some more light on the subject. Yesterday, I just didn't realize THIS! ,I avoid Celebrating Strength through Christ by seeking my identity in praises from my husband. This again, opens a big door in front of me that is full of wrapped-up excuses. God is good and I feel blessed to have my eyes wide open.

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