Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Truth be told... I think about blogging often. I need to make some time for it.

I just read my last post which was over a year ago. Wow! So another update between the last post and today is in order. Then maybe I can be more consistent with posting to my few followers. LOL

PS. I do wish you would comment so I know if anyone reads these things. (smiles)

Ok over the past year here is what has occurred.
My husband continues to work hard and is now moving to a brand new shift. This makes us very happy. Our time had been limited. NOW, he will be on a totally different schedule starting next week and we will have more opportunities to do things as a family!

Ethan (gbaby) has grown several inches since we have moved here. He still talks non-stop and has so much energy. He is so smart though and currently we are learning the Periodic Table. Funny to me since he is only FIVE. I guess you can never be too young or old to learn new things. I am sure I will re-learn some things during this process. Anywho... he enjoys his preschool / daycare. I haven't involved him in any sports, just yet. I really need to narrow things down.

I started a new position in October and am so happy about it. This past year has been trying for me at my previous employer. I won't bother going into the details of the situation. I will just move straight to "Praise God". I am so thankful he provided me with a better job and great co-workers. The atmosphere, so far, is very different from where I came from.

I am done looking back at the past though. Moving forward to the positive changes going on right now and that are to come. I will definitely share more about my new job in another post though. I plan to be diligent in blogging.

My computer warned me that I have 10% battery left so I need to say bye for now.

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