Thursday, February 20, 2014


God has helped me through some difficult situations and has continued to show me where I have room for improvement through His Word. I am not perfect, by any means; however I am trying to be a better person. My ways have not been straight and my desire has not always been in line with Him. Yet through it all, God still loves me! He still wants the best for me! He is my ROCK! His word is BENEFICIAL in every way. Sometimes we might read something and think, WOW! Not sure what THIS is trying to tell me. Then a year or so later you read that same verse and God opens up the window of understanding and you 'GET' it. See it was beneficial, in God's time. This verse here is what I call my DEEPEST, DARKEST VERSE. It is the verse I turn to when I feel I am down in a valley for a while, when things are crashing in and nothing is right in my little world.
You see, I have issues! Lots and lots of issues. However there is one things I am realizing... God already knows my issues and accepts me the way I am... YET loves me too much to allow me to stay in that place. He is working on ME. I can look back and see many changes he has made at my request. I say MY REQUEST because in the battle, I have asked for God to change ME into what he wants me to be. Here is ONE prime example. I use to sing in church. I LOVE TO SING! I say 'use to' because I was asked, encouraged and made felt like my praise to GOD in that way was enjoyed and received by others. Then some things happened (I won't go there because old wounds are tender.). Moving on, I am not asked to sing very often. A rarity is what I call it. This bothered me a lot. I questioned my abilities, my fellow Christians, my walk, my church... well you get it. This battle raged within me. I talked it over with my pastor several times and nothing ever changed. Now what? What was I suppose to do to fight this battle. The pain was so great when I attended song service... tears filled my heart and eyes. The war raged inside and I fought hard. HERE is where some may not 'get it'. So please just hear me out. I began to pray for God to calm my heart and lessen my desire (or NEED) to sing at church. I prayed and prayed. I earnestly wanted to move past this and he heard my cry. He felt my pain and seen me wage this war within my heart. I was faithful to him and needed to get to a place of peace. So He DID change me. I can now go and hear others sing without the pain of feeling unwanted. I knew His WORD was more beneficial to me than my desire to sing on stage to Him. Please know that I am not saying my praise to Him is unwanted by HIM. I am just simply stating that there was a higher level I needed to reach and by him changing my heart... I did.

True change comes from within. We have to want it in order for it to last. God can provide that change in our life if we allow Him to. When we finally learn the lesson that God has set out for us, we will reach the promises he has given us. We are different and we can change with His help.

"God, give us the portion that YOU have set out for us. Make us into a willing vessel. Help us be that child you have loved and died for. We long to be in your will. You are Alpha & Omega, the beginning & end. Thank you for ending the battles that now rage within. Amen"

My battle with weight.
My battle with friends.
My battle with work.
My battle with finances.
My battle with coworkers.
My battle with parenting.
My battle with stress..... it goes on and on. HOWEVER!!!! MY God. is aware of these battles and He is always helping me through each and every one. Every day He is guiding my steps. Honestly, He is my all and all..... He gives only the things that are BENEFICIAL to my salvation.

Thank you, Be blessed my friends!!!


Suzanne Beauchamp said...

Thank you for your words of encouragement!
Suzanne - P31 OBS small group leader

Ginny B said...

I love what you said, "God already knows my issues and accepts me the way I am... YET loves me too much to allow me to stay in that place". Keep up the good fight!

JustMe said...

I enjoy reading your blog today. I could feel your pain and also the cries you made to God. You are right. It's #Beneficial for us to change more than for our situation to change. God is working out something beautiful in your life.

Barbara P. (OBS Small Group Leader)

JustMe said...

I enjoyed you blog today. Yes, I can see that God's way is better than our way. We just want what we want. God wants us. His way is the #Beneficial way. He is making something beautiful of your life!

Barbara P. (OBS Small Group Leader)

Carolyn Black said...

I was blessed by your message. Yes, each day is a new beginning. Our slate is wiped clean and we have a fresh start. Thank you for sharing your message. Love and Blessings to you. Carolyn ~ OBS Small Group 12

Blogger Loves The King said...

I enjoyed reading your blog this morning and I've seen over and over in our recent studies how God is speaking to me through verses because I am at the place where He wanted me to hear them. For awhile I had regrets I hadn't grasped them earlier, but God's timing is perfect. Thanks for sharing! Debbie W. (OBS Blog Hop Team)