Wednesday, March 5, 2014

To eat or to shop... that was my question.

Hey everyone! I have been quite over the past couple weeks, haven't I?

Well, during the last study, I struggled within myself about excess shopping. I was afraid that the shopping would take the place of eating. Now don't get me wrong, I only lost a little. So my deprivation wasn't much in the way of food. I found myself online tossing stuff in the 'cart' that was the best deal for the product, that I felt, I 'needed'. At the end of the shopping spreeeeeee, I would evaluate my 'cart'.
Do I really need this? Why was I buying it? Was it needful?

These were all questions that I was able to STOP myself dead in my shopping spree express-lane and ask! One by one, the items were deleted. This happened several times a week, mind you. Most stores, I logged out with nothing in my 'cart'. Other stores, I did NEED something. It boiled down to a handful of items that needed a 'basket', instead of that 'cart'. My point to this story is that there was a point when I stopped and question my intent. Seriously!

Lord, help me get to this place with my food choices!

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