Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sweet Place of Breakthrough

There comes a time in one's life that you have to just STOP!

This came to me last year. I prayed over a matter that was so dear to me. As some of you may recall in my other posts, I bought a business in January 2013. This business was already established (so I thought) in a well thought out degree and thriving. So in my pursuit of happiness, I turned my back on going to college and turned in my notice at work. After all, this was gonna work!!! I spent a few weeks re-vamping the place; new window treatments, new layout, freshly cleaned carpets and some smell good stuff. I also added to the stock that was already there. A little redecorating in the bathroom and added some letters that spelled the word, "LEARN". This was gonna work!!! I advertised in all the right places, places that were 'proven' to get me noticed according to the previous owners. On week three, I had my Grand Re-opening sale. Still holds the second best day of sales record! The boss at my previous job asked me to stay on part time and I agreed. I was Praising GOD for this miracle and not having to fret too much about loss of income.

Four weeks into the new venture, I received a notice of the utmost importance that I directed to the previous owners. I won't go into details; however I will say that I prayed over it. That was the first of several letters that I received from January to August. There came a point were I would just cry. WHY, after many prayers and seeking His direction, would this NOT work? Why, after seeing reports and other documentation, could this NOT work? I was doing just as the others had done. I even took advertising a step further than they did, hoping a last ditch effort would somehow cover the 10+thousands of dollars that I lost over those eight months. Unfortunately, it didn't. I was wronged and I was ashamed and I was guilty of going forward after the first sign of trouble.

The last notice I received in August really made STOP! What was I doing? This was not my dream.... working 30plus hours there and another 30plus hours here, unpaid. NO time for family, no savings left, no hope of my business thriving as they said it had. What a joke, I thought! How can this happen, when I prayed about it? Why would someone lie about profits? Where was I going to end up? Could my family forgive me for putting them in this situation?

In the end, God came through. He had made a way for my escape in January. It took me eight months to see the window and recognize it as His way of taking care of me. I 'LEARNED' a lot those eight months. I learned people are not always honest, even if they profess Christianity. I learned that God sometimes allows us to muster our way through the tough times so that we can 'LEARN'. I also learned that God has a sense of humor!!!

Come on, you can not tell me that you do not see it. Out of all the letters that I had to choose from, the word "LEARN" is the one I chose, or should I say HE chose! Learn, really? YES!!! And boy did I. I am still 10+thousands of dollars in the hole from this experience; however I am richly blessed in the knowledge that God has enlightened me with.

This sweet place of breakthrough was after many tears. Broken dreams are not easily comforted! However now I have a peace. THIS was not God's plan for me and my family. It took a LEARNING tax to make me understand that.

I am loved by Him! "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. To give you hope and a future." {Jer 29: 11}

Be blessed and know that you can LEARN from your 'Sweet Place of Breakthrough'.

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