Monday, January 27, 2014

Made 2 Crave Chapter 3 thoughts

This chapter talks of plans. My plan is more of a mindful eating plan. I have managed to lose a couple pounds so far. Inwardly, I feel that in order for continued success I may need to be on a more structural plan. We shall see, though. After all, plans work better in all the other areas of my life. I am careful of spending, especially after I balance my check book! My day flows better if I have a plan at work.

One question in the review was: "My changing body revealed all my secrets…Poor choices with food will rat me out every time (page 38). What is the relationship between food and secrets? What secrets do you think your body reveals?"
When I am disappointed and let down, I tend to eat. There I said it. Unfortunately it isn't only about that. There are deeper levels that are being sorted through and dealt with (between myself and God). The reasons behind my disappointment and let downs.

Bottom line, moderation is key to success in everything. I have been on many diet plans in the past and most of them have worked. My issue is about keeping the weight off. Part of me wants to rush through the process and then challenge myself to keep it off through this study; however I know that isn't a good idea. I need to seek all the reasons behind my weight gain. I need to figure out the 'whys' to re-gaining the weight. I need to search the scripture for answers to these things. After all, GOD is the only one who can truly heal us from our past and direct our steps in the future if we plan to be successful!

Be Blessed!

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