Tuesday, January 28, 2014

M2C Thoughts on Chapter 4

This chapter is about 'thinking it over'. Before committing to a choice, think about it and how it will effect your progress. It also discusses 'measures of accountability' which really stuck with me. Also the phrase, 'desperation breeds degradation'.

Simple catch phrases that really makes a girl dig deep for answers and meanings. Lord knows I don't have all the answers... but I might have a few for myself. We are all so, very different it would be impossible for me to think I could have your answers too.

Thinking it over and desperation are too countering objects. For me, desperation results in impulsivity... the very opposite of thinking ANYTHING over. When I am anxious and desperate... I react and not always in a positive manner. I can see where degradation falls... I mean, how many impulsive decisions have left me wishing I had 'thought things over' or got clearer answers before proceeding. (Don't get me wrong, I have made somewhat of a thought-out decision and still wished I had did things differently.) In those moments after when rationality sets in, I am left feeling sadden, degraded and down right embarrassed at times.

So moving forward to measures of accountability! In all aspects of our life, I am reminded that we have measures of accountability. The book tells of seeing a cop and checking your speed. I think of balancing my check book and slowing down unnecessary purchases. ON many levels we need some form of accountability. I need it!!!

I have learned in this chapter that everyone fails. However we have the power to change the future with #determination! I am determined to make some changes in ME that will help with impulsive decision making.

Be Blessed!


Suze said...

You said that so well. I really appreciate hearing your thoughtfulness and your insights. You make connections that I did not make. Thanks for sharing!

Shantay said...

Thanks Girl!!!