Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Book Review ~ "Lord of the Isles"

LORD OF THE ISLES by Debbie Mazzuca

"After traveling to Scotland on business, the bed of a highland laird is the last place Ali Graham expected to wake up. But there's no mistaking the irresistibly masculine Scottish Highlander whose chamber she's accidentally infiltrated - or the severe wound he's suffered in battle. As a doctor, Ali knows how to heal his injury, how to nurse his body back to health. What she doesn't know is how to heal his heart...

A proud warrior and the leader of a powerful clan, Rory MacLeod is ready to fight to the death to protect his homeland. After all, ever since tragedy robbed him of his wife, he has had nothing to lose. Yet the mysterious woman sent to tend his wounds is something that he'd rather stay buried. But when true passion is mixed with Scottish magic, even the most fearsome warrior could begin to fall..."

I really enjoyed this book. I think I get the biggest thrill when someone goes back in time. She was from the 21st century and goes back to the 16th! Wow!!! I just loved it. The speech took some thought to understand; however once I got 'it' there was no problem. Enjoyed this book... but not for kids. :)

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