Monday, April 30, 2012

Book Review: " Million Dollar Dilemma"


"I'm a P.K., preacher's kid (or if you want to get fancy, a T.O., a theologian's offspring). I grew up afraid of my own allowance...

So when over $20 million falls into her lap, Cassia Carr views her Midas touch as a cross, not a blessing - and certainly doesn't anticipate the difficulty of giving it all away!

And it's hard enough to gauge romantic feelings without the chaos of a major windfall. Her globetrotting neighbor, Adam Cavanaugh, seems interested - but in Cassia or her fortune? When Adam abruptly disappears, should Cassia forget him or follow her heart to an unknown, life-changing destination?

I really liked this quick flowing book. It was funny and seemed realistic of how this sort of thing would/could happen. I loved the way the entire book is loaded with biblical scriptures and how she ties it all together. Great book for any and every one!

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