Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I can't believe Summer is quickly coming to an end! Our kids have started school. How crazy is that? It seems like the summer has flown by, but then again... every year it does.

Does anyone have a trick on how to SLOW summer down?


Shantay said...

I tried to post this last week and was having issues with my blog. Anyone else having issues?

tbsomeday said...

the kids started school???
that seems crazy early!

i wish i could drag it out
oh how i love these summer days--especially this summer

no problems posting for me...but oh, i guess that would require and attempt to post ;)

Shantay said...

LOL you are funny! So for us... Summer is over because School has started.

Cucipata said...

Clearly you don't live in Phoenix, summer is far from over and everybody is dying for it to end, but that does not happen until around November here...So there is my trick to slow your summers down, move to Phoenix... :)

Shantay said...

He he he... move to Phoenix, huh? *smiles*