Friday, August 5, 2011


Take your #1 goal and make it your priority in life. That's how you get ahead. Accept that you will need to sacrifice some other goals in order to achieve your priority goal. It's a much better approach than trying to achieve 5 big goals at the same time. ~ Craig Ballantyne

Being at a healthy weight.
Helping Kris fulfill her dreams.
Being an active part at school functions.
*these seem stupid*

Being active in Kris' life at school and other areas.
Raising Ethan as long as I need to.

*scratches head and thinks, are you kidding me*
*this is stuff I have to sacrifice?* THIS IS HARD!!!

OK, try again! Goals are things I want to strive for.
#1 : Being at a healthy weight.
Becoming a trainer to help others.
Getting a college degree.
Singing with a group/band/choir.
Traveling to all US states.

So daily, I will give up some time, either at lunch or after work, to exercise. The 4days that Chad works, seems to be working out for now. So I am sacrificing my dreams of being anything other than HEALTHY. Once I accomplish this, then I will move on to another goal.

I have been blogging. Video Logging that is! Maybe, I will start uploading them here.

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