Friday, July 22, 2011

Vacation & Birthday Pictures

So June we (dau-in-law, g'baby and I) took off to Florida. My birthday was that week.

This is my favorite photo. Ethan and Stephanie at the airport in Indy.
Her parents lives there and this was the perfect opportunity for them to finally see Ethan in person. They had an awesome time visit with their daughter and grandbaby. I am really glad they were able to see them. I, likewise, had an amazing time with my friend Stefani. She was so generous. I can't even begin to thank her enough. She really made me feel at home and welcomed there. There was a lot of things to do there and I didn't even begin to tackle the main attractions. I focused on some smaller things. Like getting a massage the first day and having brunch on the beach. I also made it to the pool. A day of relaxing....

My one day at the pool and avoiding the sun. So happy I didn't get burnt while I was there. Lovin' my spf of 100. LOL

I was amazed by those tiny bananas. They were good too... yummmmmmmiE! I also got plenty of other fresh fruits that we enjoyed the week I was there.

Here I am hanging with the locals.... I found and purchased a purse and skirt.

Addicted to this one... shhhh. Hit the slots 2 days in a row...

Awww the beach in the evening is the BEST....

The Beach in the evening.... so relaxing!

Love THAT restaurant! Bubba Gump! Enjoyed the food and the company... thanks for taking me Stefani!
Jus' hanging with my gurl, Stef!

The Beach Life...

Stefani cooking dinner before we head up the A1A for a drive. Yummy Food!

Striking a POSE!!!!

Here is my friend and dietian guru, Pam. We just had a two hour conversation over lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Delicious and I felt very uplifted by the time I left.

Here is the sky on the way to the U2 concert... the stadium is outdoors and we were definately worried!!!
Here Stefani and I are... U2 is in the backgroud. We had an awesome time that night. We totally rocked out at the concert. Bought some tees and I even got Beer spilled on my foot. Ain't a concert without smelling like beer... yuck! I could have done with out that. It was cool though. Seeing Miami from a distance and being in the stadium with my very good friend!

As we take off from Ft. Lauderdale, I have to scream for the effect of the picture. LOL The other passengers thought I was being silly.

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