Monday, August 22, 2011

A quickie????

Ya see, I was all excited and worked up!

I get to the bookstore and what do I find???? I closed sign. Not just the sorry we are closed until tomorrow... but the CLOSED for good sort of sign!!! I was about in tears!

I have the 2 books read and I was really, I mean REALLY looking forward to trading the two in for the other 2 that was in the series. I was very disappointed that the guy talked me out of buying the 1 book and buying the other two. Maybe that is why he is out of business??? IDK... So I took my sad face home Friday and sulked all weekend!

Then I remembered... we have a library! *hearts rising up* I logged online to my account and reserved the book I wanted. I will be picking it up after work today.

So in approximately 30 min, I will resume my excitement!!!

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