Tuesday, June 7, 2011

School's Out!!!

May kept us really busy. We were planting flowers, cleaning the house and planning the double graduation open house. I am still trying to re-cooperate from the whoop-la of the month! The aftermath can be just as overwhelming as the planning and preparing. I have taken back all the unused items for refunds. I have cleaned out the camper where my brother and his family slept. We are in the process of washing all the sheets and comforters. Soon all will be back in its suitable location.

On May 28th, my son graduated high school. I am so proud of him and this accomplishment. It wasn't easy. He got married over a year ago and had a baby. Living with us helps him financially; however I am sure it wasn't his ideal situation. Not sure what his next step will be... I think this is where I am suppose to ... "let go"...? Being a Mom is never easy!!!

Above you have James, baby Ethan, my husband Chad and myself. (aka: Mom)

Left you have Kristian (aka:Sister), James, James (aka: Dad)


Natalie Sanchez said...

Well first off sorry you have been so busy, hopefully this next month gives you some down time. =) Congrats to your son on graduating that is AWESOME!!! Your pics are great your family is too cute.

Shantay said...

Thanks Natalie! This month is better!