Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting on with it...

Well I had a catchy title floating around in my head this morning, yet it has escaped me at the moment.

Reflecting back on the graduation of my only son, I have to admit I do not understand people's thinking. Not to smear mud in any ones face, I will be very general with my statements. *since they apply to more than one person, more to a group*.

I was very disappointed when I looked around at the seats by me. Not because of the wonderful people that came to see James graduate, but because of all of the ones that didn't come to see it. I know people are 'busy', 'live far away', and many other reasons. However I can't help but noticed those same people doing 'other' things. I won't address each excuse; however I am gonna touch on a couple. First I want to say... this was it! James will never graduate from High School again. Some people just doesn't get that... at least that is my opinion. If you care about someone, you express that by supporting them. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying I feel like everyone should have been at the ceremony. On the contrary, I really appreciated the 70ish people that came to the open house. Thank you!!! I do think, however, that family and very close, practically family, should be there if at all possible. Maybe they didn't feel it was possible... maybe that is how they justify not being there. "It wasn't possible because I didn't have the money to come." Yet you have it to go other places. "I didn't think you cared if I came." Hello???? You are family, I expected you there. "I have to work." You have been at your job how long and couldn't request time off for this once in a life time experience? Yet you have no trouble requesting time off for other stuff.

I do have two favorites though... (sarcastically speaking) The first is "I just can't ride in a vehicle with them for that long to come up there." and my second is "I didn't think he was getting a REAL diploma, I thought it was a GED." Well to the first comment I *thought* whaaa whaaaa. It is not always about you.... umm yeah, about that... I guess it was. To the second I *thought* REALLY? After stating it over and over and you knowing he was going to classes AT the high school. And even if it was a GED, which it is NOT, would you not want to come and show support for an achievement that was obviously hard for him to accomplish? I guess not.

So there it is with a little of God's light shown on it,

People are human and all make mistakes.
My thoughts on blog for the world to take.
This is just me giving appreication,
to "The NOT SO GREAT Expectations".

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