Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well I wanted to update and say that my hubs graduated on the 10th with his bachelor's. Here is the proofs for the photos I am ordering.I wished I was back there to help 'fix' his hair and lapel. GRRR! Never-the-less, I am so proud of him and this accomplishment.

I am currently on a mad dash to get the house ready for a double graduation open house. We hope/pray for nice weather so it can be out on the deck. I have confirmation of about 50 people. Still a week and a half to go, so maybe more. We have been planting flowers and making sure stuff is done. Stuff that no one will see, but I know it is clean. lol I guess it is my way of driving my family crazy. Well, they never said living at home was a piece of cake. *smiles*

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Shantay said...

Adding that he was offered a job the week before graduation. We are so blessed and I am very thankful for that!!!