Thursday, January 13, 2011

Next Step?

OK it has been less than a week since I posted. I figured I should update you on my progress with the Special K diet.

Well the 1st - 3rd day it totally sucked!!! I was so hungry and even though I kept adding fruits and veggies, I still felt so hungry. My daughter and dau-in-law are both doing this diet with me and they have the same reaction as I do.

I will continue for the 2 weeks so I can give it an accurate review of the program; however the recommendation does not look promising. (unless you want to loss weight while feeling like you are starving) I have lost some weight... gonna hold out on how much until the end, I think.

The lack of food (or feeling like there is a lack)... honestly I eat and eat... nothing is a filler. I am honestly surprised! Anywho, this has left me with no energy. Monday I barely made it through the day and I manged to do nothing in the exercise catagory. Tuesday I forced an very unenthusiactic step up for 1/2 hr. then went to bed at 9:30 (typically it is 10:15). By Wednesday, I am full of complaints to my husband, yet I am determined to continue because I made him a promise. (stupid me) That night I went to bed at 8:30! Did you catch that? 8:30!!!! I have never made it to bed that early. Those are my first three days.

Today is Day Four: I added more fruits and veggies and an extra 90 cal. Special K bar. Ok I know what you are probably thinking... adding that completely distroys the 'theme of the diet'. Well let me tell you that the theme is already distroyed in my opinion. Sure most ppl don't like diets and have a rough few days... so I will give it that... and I am working on giving it a fair shot. (after all I do want to lose weight if I think I am starving). Rambles I know... I made myself go to the YMCA today at lunch and completed 30 min on the eliptical. Boy was I really sweating! Tonight I plan on doing Turbulence Training with the kids. (plan!)

Ok well there is my updates so far. Still haven't finished the book I started this past Summer. Gonna work on finishing that over the next month or so.


tbsomeday said...

i think i'm out on that one!!
2 weeks!!

my friend talked me (forced me) into doing the cinch plan with her

i'm on day two and starving!!!

you get a couple eggs, yogurt, raspberries, spinach and almond slivers

but up to 8lbs in 5 days
my friend lost six in her 5 day
i lost 2 so far
in controlled amounts for 5 days

Shantay said...

Interesting... Not sure I have heard of that one.

All I can say is that ALL this starving better result in some major far loss!