Friday, January 7, 2011

1st Quarter Goals

Well now that the new year is here and a week down, already... it is time to concentrate on me again.
3 month goals

1~Lose 20 lbs
2~Run 1 mile
3~Organize office space
4~Increase savings

I created a team called "Giving Back!" on the Pound for Pound Challenge. Please check it out and join my team if you want. Any weight loss pledge is accepted! A lot of $$ will be donated by the Biggest Loser to feed the hungry through this pledge.

I joined the YMCA and plan on continuing with the membership for the next 12 weeks, at least. I will be going at lunch 3-4 times a week and bringing my lunch on those days.

I will be joining the TT Contest starting 1/9/11. Taking before and after photos... stay tuned for those pictures at the end of the 12 weeks.

I am missing my fruits and cereal... so I am starting the Special K diet on Monday. Giving it 2 weeks to see if I can lose 6-10 lbs as they promise.

Well that is my plan, thus far!

This week: Tuesday I went to the dentist. Thursday and Friday I went to the YMCA. Thursday night I had a date night with just hubby. Tonight I will be attending a PoSt NeW yEaRs EvE party! (what fun!!)

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