Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Big Loss

I am sitting here watching Biggest Loser. I just finished my 100 pushups that I have been working on all day and I am very proud of myself. I did 75 on my toes!!! I love my sisters, they really know how to challenge me. I went to the YMCA today with my friend and we really worked out hard. We hit the weights and really worked those muscles. I increased my weights and decreased my reps. (just to switch things up) I feel stronger and that makes me smile.

My goal each week has been to go to the YMCA 3 times a week with my friend Stephanie and to do my Turbulence Training routine at home 3 days a week with my 3 kids. Over all I am right on schedule. Monday I switched from the Special K plan to the Atkins Plan. For whatever reason, my body just really likes the lower carb plan. I feel my energy increased and my ability to control my urges also has increased. Win-win from where I am sitting. Some ppl do not understand the plan or have a miconception of it. So I will break it down for anyone interested. I am starting with induction which is a 2 week jump-start. You are allowed 20 carbs and out of the 20, 12-15 should be from veggies. So it is not a butter and steak diet as some will have you to believe. THAT isn't the plan Dr. Atkins set up. :)


Baby Maker said...

Good Job! I am working on losing weight too...cant use the twins as an excuse anymore lol

Shantay said...

Thanks! My surro twins will be 15 months old Saturday. I have lost all the baby weight and weigh 10 lbs less than I did when we transferred. I would love to lose another 25 lbs before we (maybe venture into having one of our own). shhhhh! lol