Thursday, July 8, 2010

Naked Truth?

Where to start... well, first off I could say I am PISSED because someone that just got hired Jan of this year is making MORE than I am after 8 years. BUT I won't (or did I?). I am glad I have a job, even if I don't get the pay that I deserve. My boss is a good guy; however he doesn't always realize the important of certain areas of the business. I try to be neutral about this subject, considering I know everyone's pay amount. Just hard to swallow at times.

Then there is the fact that I have sprained my left wrist last night doing multiple Mt. Climbers. Too much upper body floor exercises has left me in pain. Tonight I will focus on lower body and NO moves that require my wrist... hummm.

Lastly there is this sad feeling that I have. My son and his wife live so far away. It pains me to not be around them. They are so young and expecting a child in October. I really want to move closer; however hubby isn't really on the happy train to Tennessee with me. So there is this deep down aching sadness that is slowly filling me up.

OK E'nuff said for one crazy day!
Have a good one...


tbsomeday said...

sounds like the bad stuff is piling up
that does suck
i think the work situation is unfair and should be addressed...if it's the same job then that's not fair
i say you move to tennessee for a new job :)

that's tough...i would ache to be around my child/grandchild her family there?

also sorry about the wrist...i guess a good reminder not to push too hard and a chance to focus on some other things
i'm really proud that you are still keeping at it!

wallow in misery for awhile...see what can be done about the things you don't them...then push on...

Shantay said...

Thanks so much for your post. I love that you are always supportive of me. Sorry I don't get to your blog as often; however when I do... I catch up on all I missed! :)

I love the moving idea for a better job!