Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The scale is moving, the scale is MOVING!!!! I am happy to report that I have added calories and increased my workout to kick my butt OFF the plateau! 7 lbs down this month. Aiming for 15 lbs in 5 weeks; however I will take 7 lbs in 3.5. With some really hard work I may hit 10 lbs this month. I haven't lost 10 lbs in one month since February (30 lbs ago). The closer I get to my goal; the harder this fat wants to hold on. I have 26 more lbs to lose and I will lose it!!! My goal is Dec. 31st... if I can accomplish it before then, I will need to think of a reward for that one!
Any suggestions???


tbsomeday said...

great job!
nice and steady gets the job done--i bet you feel so good!!
keep it up!!!

ps--suggestions for rewards or to lose the weight? :)

Shantay said...


Abby said...

Congratulations Shantay! One of my favorite rewards is a nice long massage. Or a pedicure. But I only get a pedicure to get the foot massage. :)

Shantay said...

Thx, I will list that as a possiblity....:)

Roundballnz said...

Congrats !!!!

BTW I love the facebook Icon!

Shantay said...

Hey! Thanks!!!