Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hey all... I pray you all have an awesome 2010!

I am back from vacation and back to work. It feels great to be back into my routine. here is a little recap!

Vacation was awesome. Hubby and I went to Alabama 1st. Dropped off Kris and took James his car. We met my James' new wife and took them to dinner to celebrate. Then we went to Georgia. We visited my brother and his family for 2 days and then visited my sister and her girls for 2 days. On Dec. 22nd, we drove to Blue Ridge and spent 6 days in a cabin on the mountains. It was beautiful and all decorated in Christmas decor', complete with a tree!!! This was a welcome surprise to me. There were stockings hung on the stair railing too. When I get pic. uploaded I will post a few. My brother and his family visited us on Christmas Day. After days of relaxing, we spent the last 2 days hiking in the mountains and seeing water falls. What a glorious way to start my exercise plan! Thank God there was a hot tub to sooth our sore muscles. ps. I took plenty of rest stops on our hiking adventure.

Work is good. I am on day 4 and not even tired of it yet. hehehe. The girl that was filling in for me, will continue to work part-time in another area of the building. That was an answered prayer!

Since I have started work, I am just too tired to continue pumping. I was glad to be able to help Lizzy for the 10 weeks though. Donating my milk was the best thing I could have done. I was able to save that family a lot of money. Last night was my last pump. Sort of sad I have to stop.

Tuesday I started my healthier way of life. Christmas coupled with vacation helped me add a few pounds on. However I feel great! Uplifted and really blessed to have had the opportunities to help others. The pregnancy of the twins and the milk I supplied Lizzy has been a huge blessing to ME.

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