Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Biggest Loser... Spring Break Challenge

"I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."

My sisters Andrea and Carol, also my baby girl and MOM have joined us in a healthier lifestyle.

Working out and eating better qualities of food.

Family support
Cali girl support group
Turbulence Training
Fitness friends
Nutritionist Pam
Fitness specialist / competitor Raphael

Challenge.... lose 30 lbs by Spring Break. Starting today by eating healthier foods and exercising a minimum of 3 days for 30 min and 2 days for 20 min. Once my body can take more work, I will increase the intensity of the work outs.


Nina said...

I am also on a diet. Its pure torture because I LOVVVVVE to cook and EAT! I have been eating "Healthy Choice". Its hard dieting when the neighbors bring over fudge!! They brought some over yesterday!!!

Lizzy says to tell you" Thank you for helping her with your milk" Her words. I told who you were and what you were doing. She wanted to know if you had little kids like her so she could get together for a "play-date". I told her that her Mom said "You had no kids her age."
Hope you have a Happy, Healthy New Year!! You have been in Lizzy's prayers almost every night. Thank you for what you done for Elizabeth.

"We believe in miracles because we live with one"

Shantay said...


Thank you so much for your email! It really has been my pleasure to help in this way. You are in my prayers too and please let Lizzy know I hope one day to meet her.

Keep in contact!

with love, shantay