Monday, January 11, 2010

Last Chance Workout

Workout... OMG is all I can say to really explain.
I pushed and then pushed some more. I thought I was gonna throw up and was so dizzy after my cardio that I had to sit and take a 20 min break.

Upper body weights. Did warm ups w/ 3#, Three reps of 8 with 5#ers, One set of 8 with 8#ers. My arms was around to fall off.

Between the above reps I did 20 step ups, totaling 3 sets.

Then I did a 20 min cardio workout on the treadmill that consisted of me running... that is what caused my light headedness.

After my break I did the 6 min. abs.... well most of it.

Feeling exhaulsted and accomplished all at the same time!


tbsomeday said...

i felt a little lightheaded reading about it :)
ah, nothing beats that feeling after it's all over though!
i need to get back to working out...badly

Shantay said...

I need to get this baby weight off so I can fit into some 'non' stretch pants. LOL

I am aching now... by tonight I will need something to relieve my pain.

tbsomeday said...

haha--yeah--it's not day one that's the hardest on a new workout plan--it's day two :)

Shantay said...

I agree. I am some achey, but not as badly as I expected. Still may take a little something to ease my muscles though.