Friday, October 9, 2009


LOOSE LIPS by Claire Berlinski
"A novel of love and espionage"

After sending her resume` to the CIA on a whim, New Yorker Selena Keller is contacted by an Agency recruiter, who asks her how she would fell about convincing another human being to commit treason. Despite her checkered past, Selena passes the background investigation and a battery of bizarre aptitude tests. Living under cover as a government budget analyst, she begins her education in espionage at the Farm, the CIA's covert facility.

All CIA officers must survive a demanding training program, and it is there that Selena becomes romantically involved with Stan, a brilliant but darkly paranoid fellow student with presidential ambitions. What happens next is a fascinating inside portrait of the Agency--how spies are recruited, how they are trained, who they meet, where they go, and, most important, what happens when they fall in love and begin spying on one another.

REVIEW WRITTEN BY MEGHAN DAUM: "Loose Lips told me everything I ever wanted to know about the CIA but couldn't think who to ask. Claire Berlinski's Selena Keller is one part Inspector Clouseau and one part Nancy Drew, with a touch of Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw thrown in. Berlinski makes central intelligence funny and endearing and (go figure) intelligent."

REVIEW WRITTEN BY ME: This book took me a little longer to get through. It is not what I call an easy read; however it definitely allowed me to pass the time in a "different" type of book. Regarding the above review... I would agree with the first sentence and the first half of the second. I watch Sex and the City and I really didn't see any of Carrie in the book. That was disappointing, since I like her. I would like to say I enjoyed the book over all; however it was difficult considering all the big words. LOL

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