Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a wonderful surprise!

Today has been a great day. I slept in and really felt like I got some sleep for a change. After my shower, my hubby cooked us some breakfast. I enjoyed my eggs and toast with a glass of milk. My daughter asked about making a cake today, so I readily agreed we should have cake today. LOL I got another Grey's dvd from Netflix so we watched the episodes this afternoon. I also spoke to my BFF Jamie on the phone and it was really great to hear her voice and catch up on things. Just when I was thinking this Sunday couldn't get any better... the cake was done and a car pulled up. Five lovely ladies from my church came to visit baring gifts from several members of my church. (tears) They said it was a non-baby shower! How sweet was that?!?!?!? Lisa, Karen, Deb, Jessica and Amber really brighten up my day even more when they spent the afternoon on my couch with me. We laughed... I cried... We ate cake. I feel really blessed to have friends in my life like that!

So I guess you are wondering, what exactly does one give as a gift for a Non-Baby Shower? Here is what I received.
*Short Robe
*JLO Perfume and Lotion
*Pajamas and Hand Lotion
*Book, Word Search and Candle
*Variety of Foot Care Products
*Warm Gown, Sexy Gown, Soft Socks and Head Band
*McD's sweet tea and cookies (my craving with this pregnancy)

It was such an awesome day. It makes a world of difference when someone takes time out of their life to visit.

I have 2 NST scheduled this week and then an Ultrasound scheduled for next week, then I will be off to Illinois until the boys are born.

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Baby Maker said...

awww that is so sweet!