Monday, October 5, 2009


I had my monitoring today. The boys looked great and were very active today. I didn't feel very good and they could tell. My head was really hurting and I felt nausea. After the nst, Doctor sent me down to get some labs drawn. I should have results tomorrow. She wanted to retake the pre-eclampsia labs to check my liver and kidney functions.

I asked my doctor if the boys having hiccups all the time were typical. She said yes, that it was a good sign that they are getting plenty of oxygen. woohoo!

I asked my doctor if the feeling of my pelvic bones being separated was ok. She said yes, there wasn't much room in there for them to move around.

I asked my doctor if the airbag in my jeep was safe to keep on. She said yes, the risk to having it off was far greater than having it on.

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tbsomeday said...

oh honey, i hope you start feeling a bit better and i hope all the bloodwork comes out ok!
keep us posted and i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
hang in there