Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Pianist

We may not think we accomplish much with our lives, says Kenneth Holland, but when God combines His efforts with ours, the result can be amazing.

A little girl and her mother lived together in a small-town hotel. Each afternoon the child would practice on the piano in the hotel lobby for at least two hours.

The other guests who had gathered there seamed much annoyed by her discordant notes.

One day, a guest heard several people complaining about the irritating monotony of the child's simple exercises. Without a word, the visitor-himself an accomplished pianist-made his way to the piano and sat down on the bench beside the girl. He began to play the piano with her, weaving around and through her humdrum exercises some great and unusual harmonies. Soon the surprised guests began making their way into the lobby to listen to the beautiful music.

The little girl's feeble efforts had been made glorious by the great musician.

Some people may criticize our service for God. However, the Master of human life can work around our feeble efforts, weaving His purposes in and around them, so that the final effect of our life is glorious, indeed.

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