Tuesday, September 1, 2009



This book is about a plain, full figured woman named Megan Schumacher. She was the most dependable person on Danbury Way, the sleek suburban cul-de-sac where she lived over her sister's garage. Certainly not the kind of girl who would rock anyone's boat-until she fell for the (barely)ex-husband of her neighbor!

Greg Banning planned to hire Megan to redo his marketing plan, but he counted the minutes until each of their meetings. As their romance heated up, Greg realized she was everything he wanted in a woman, and his thoughts began to stray to marriage. But the talk created scandal and Megan couldn't handle it.

After breaking up, then got together in the end and this book was a good, easy read. I wouldn't suggest it for teens; however it was interesting enough for the mature audience. Not to mention, it is great to see the bigger girl get her princess charming!

Two Thumb's UP

Special thanks for my hubby for five books he bought for me from the IUK library!

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