Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Movie Night! MARATHON...

12-4 THE GATHERING~ This was about a doctor who's wife disappeared. As he searches for clues to where she might be, he realized she was into witchcraft. This knowledge leads him to believe she had joined a cult or coven. She ends up being a prisoner there and all sorts of crazy things happen. It had a twist at the end that leads the viewer into thinking, is there a part 2? The movie reaffirmed my belief that this isn't something to play around with. Great Movie!

4-6 DEVIL'S DIARY~ This was about a diary that has power. Anything written in the book that was wrote out of hate.... happened. Some scenes were gross and others were unbelievable. Did I mention the book was in the hands of teenagers? LOL Well, as the friend tries to get the book into the 'right' hands, she quickly realizes there is no one that is immune to the power the book has. Cool effect!

6-8 HOUSE NEXT DOOR~ This was about a vacant lot that soon has a beautiful house built on it. The neighborhood is extremely sociable so there is plenty of interaction there. More so than your typical block party. Each owner of the house quickly changes emotionally and does something horrible. The original owner: pregnant wife is pushed down stairs by the husband at the neighborhood open house and she loses the baby. Owner #2: the wife keeps seeing her dead son and eventually hangs herself, while her husband who stopped drinking is now drinking again and having an affair with a neighbor. Owner #3: the family consist of a husband, wife and 1 child. The husband and wife end up killing each other because he goes crazy and said she was trying to poison him. The neighbor right next door sees all of this and is totally obsessed with preventing any more deaths from that possessed house. The designer and builder is hanging around all the time. In the end it burns to the ground, but not after taking another life. I had a headache at this point and wasn't 100% into this one. Although it was a good movie!

8-10 STRANGER WITH MY FACE~ This was the movie I really was waiting to see. It has the actress from "7th Heaven" in it. Crazy movie about a girl with a twin and that twin is trying to reach her through transporting from her body. Can't remember the name of it. The dad dies first thing in the movie and the mom and 2 daughters move. Soon after the oldest starts seeing someone that looks like her. She finally asks her mom who confesses that when they adopted her she did have a twin. She tries to find the twin and it all unfolds from there. Anywho, Great suspenseful movie! There are a few tragedies in this movie though.

10-12 WIND CHILL~ This movie was on a little later than I typically stay up. I wasn't sure I would make it through this one. We moved to the bedroom and continue watching it... until the end. This movie was about a couple college kids who was going home for the holidays. With plenty of twists and turns along the way to keep you on the edge of your seat. They get run off the road by another car and stranded in the middle of no where in the blizzard. They keep seeing these really weird looking people, who at any time (I was sure) would come and get them. Surprisingly enough, it was the unexpected passer-byers that actually were the bad people. Sad to say that only 1 person made it out alive of this movie. Still it was a great movie!

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