Saturday, August 22, 2009


Well another book is down. A FAMILY FOR TORY by Margaret Daley.

This book is about healing hearts. Tory is a 30 something lady who owns a riding ranch. This ranch was willed to her from her aunt. It helps disabled children and immediately made me think of one of my closest friends, Jamie.

Tory meets a wonderful girl by the name of Mindy who is recovering from a debilitating car wreck that took her mom's life. Since her dad was driving when the other car ran the stop sign, he does feel very guilty for the death and the issues that his daughter has to deal with daily.

Due to the love that Tory and Slade felt for Mindy, they decided to get married. He deals with his guilt from the accident. In chapter Four, we finally find out that Tory was raped four years prior and is still dealing with those emotional issues. So they don't have a typical marriage. They sleep in different rooms and interact as friends. They build a trust between each other and do it all for Mindy.

After several things happen, Tory is forced to face her past and confide in her husband about what happened. Slade also turns to God for help with his guilt and starts attending church with is wife and daughter. By Chapter 12, they both realize they are falling in love and by the end of the book they are able to deal with the past and finally move forward into a real marriage.

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