Saturday, August 22, 2009

Movie Night!

Earlier this week, the family gathered in the main room to watch a movie. We choose the perfect night to watch this thiller. The clouds rolled in and the thunder boomed as we pressed play on the DVD. A half hour into this scary-'based on a true story' movie the storm came and the tornado watch was issued. So the scene was truly set! The box off hit was about a teen boy who had cancer. Frequent treatments meant long drives to the hospital and nauseated reaction from the boy. His mom spent her time transporting him to and from appointments and taking care of the family while his dad worked to support all that was going on in their life. The mom finds a house closer to the hospital to rent for the duration of the treatment and moves the family in. Dad commutes on the weekends to visit the family and works during the week. Just as the real life weather is starting to threaten us, we learn that this house is a former funeral home... complete with the basement used for 'prepping' the bodies. Now it is typical for a teenage boy to want to make the basement his 'pad'.... and this boy is no different. However he starts to see things... people... disfigured people at times. He assumes it is the treatments causing hillucinations. After confiding in his cousin, they reseach the house at a local library. The information they find is unbelievible and it unravels a mystery of screaming events. The special effects were great and the thought that this is based on true things makes me want to avoid Connecticut. In the end, the spirits are put to rest and the teen is miraculously healed from his cancer.... Great to see a happy ending!

I give this movie... 4 screams UP!

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