Monday, May 4, 2009

2nd Month

As the embryos grow longer, the brain, limbs and heart begin to form.

This month is probably the most important for the babies growth. at the beginning of this month, the ball of dividing cells, now called the embryo, gives no hint of what it will become, but each cell has begun to perform a distinct and indispensable role. Despite all the advances in biology and genetics, no one can explain how every cell in the embryo knows what to do and what part of the body to become: that remains one of the many mysteries of how human life develops. (my thoughts... GOD IS IN CONTROL)

Three weeks after conception, the embryo is little more than a tube with a groove at either end. The top groove is the beginning of the head and brain. Ten days later, the embryo resembles a strange living creature. Since the embryo is developing so rapidly, it is particularly susceptible to damage from substances passed to it from me. Good thing I am careful! By the time we are six weeks preggo, the head and end of the embryo already looks different from the bottom and a pair of bumps near either end mark the beginning of arms and legs. Also the heart starts to form in two separate parts and then fuse together and begins beating. The eyes begin to develop also and they can see variations of light. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

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