Friday, February 6, 2009

Yucky Venting!

This looks like a good rock for me to crawl under. LOL I thought I hated waiting... I now realize I HATE the contract phase. LOL. Not meaning to be a downer on the issue... I am just not feeling great and I hate negotiations. I didn't like it when hubby and I was going over the pre-nupt the day of our rehearsal and I don't like it when we are going over the surrogacy contract in the 11th hour either. I want things to be simple and happy and just right. (read rainbows, butterflies and lilies) I understand the logic behind having these types of agreements and the object of having all parties (as much as possible) happy with what is in the legal mumbo-jumbo. But I hate it. It is all a matter of understanding what is in the contract, what is wanting to be changed and why it should be changed. I am not the type of person who thrives on conflict (NOT that we are arguing over this contract.. we AREN'T); this just pushes me out of my comfort zone. I do what I say... and if I said I will... by the help of God, it will be done. That is just how I am, not everyone is like that and therefore we can't just go on 'good faith' in these serious matters. I understand! I love my M&M's and I know they are just trying to figure this all out, too. I also know she reads my blog from time to time... so {{big hugs}} to YOU! This crap is stressful for both of us!

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