Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Contract Finalized

Well people it is a slam dunk! After some time back and forth with the lawyer, the contracts are finalized and it is in the process of being signed, FedExed and signed!!! wooohoo! I am so happy to have this part done and over with.

Now I can get started on the shots and patches and suppositories.... ewww. Guess you didn't want to know that, huh? Well you are reading my blog... never know what I will say. lol On Feb. 12th I start my belly shots and then next week I will go for my baseline ultrasound and more blood work. Now the real fun begins. Please say a prayer that God will bless our efforts and provide M&M with their little bundle of joy; or is it little almond joy? Does M&M's make Almond Joys????

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