Thursday, February 5, 2009


The contracts are drafted and I have a copy! Chad and I have an appointment with our attorney today to go over the surrogacy contract (page by page). I have read through it twice and Chad has read through it once. So after today, we should be all set! There was only one thing I saw that needed to be addressed further, under a what-if category. Ms Spence however seen there were a few things that needed to be changed. So I will listen to what she has to say and then we will go from there. I am looking forward to our meeting at noon and hope for minimal changes. If this contract can be completed and signed by the 11th, I start lupron shots on the 12th!!!

Well this week I have had the flu. So I haven't felt that great. Slept most of the week and trying to get in plenty of fluids. No energy for exercise this week! I pray to be feeling better this weekend for Kris' choir event on Saturday. Then afterwards if the weather is nice... go for a walk to clear out my head and lungs. lol

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