Friday, January 30, 2009

January 29th

This is the day of my doctor's visit! We arrived early (unlike last time) and waited for our name to be called. Most all the people there seemed to be nice. There was one lady behind the desk that must have been having a 'day'. She did say something that took me off guard; however I replied with a direct statement to let her know I wasn't implying she wasn't doing her job... geez!

Chad has his blood work drawn while I went into another room. I peed in a cup, and then stripped from the waist down for my saline ultrasound. This procedure wasn't the most comfortable; however it was similar to a pap... only will saline injected... LOL Doctor said everything looked great and we are ready to get things moving forward now! Yippie!
Apparently I needed to do some blood work too. I brought my labs just to be safe, I didn't want them doing the same tests and charging M&M double!!! The Nurse Coordinator looked over the labs and said she was glad I brought them. They only needed 7 more tests done, instead of the 13 they originally was gonna do. I was surprise to feel... or not in this case... the needle. It went in with ease and little discomfort.

After the procedures were done, we met to go over consents and charts. Everything seems to be in place. Just waiting on the lawyers to complete the contract and then we will really start this miracle of life!!!

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