Monday, January 12, 2009

Friday January 9th!

As you can see by my illistration, we had a very snowy day. Normally that would be cool, however on a day like this it was anything BUT cool! To day was the day we traveled to Chicago for a few very important appointments! The roads were slick, the traffic was slow and the white out conditions were terrible. For those not living in the north, that is when the snow is so thick coming down and the cars by you also kick the snow up off the roads and you visability is extremely limited! What was suppose to take us three and a half hours to drive took us over FOUR! I was so upset about this situation causing me to be last when we met with my attorney Ms. Spence. I called 1/2hr before our meeting to give her a heads up of our road conditions. After being off schedule 20 min (meaning the meeting should have started already) I called a second time asking if we could just do it on the phone if she had another client coming in and would be unable to see us after driving so far. I am so thankful that we was understanding and willing to arrange her schedule to still see us once we arrived... 45 mins behind schedule!!! We went over all the basics of this contract and I feel very comfortable with using her. This was the first time we have met in person, so I was happy that she was just as nice in person as she was on the phone.
We had lunch with my "M". Sadly we were about 25min. late to this appointment due to the above. We had lunch at "Big Bowl". I was so impressed and touch that she remembered my favorite food was Chinese. This place was perfect!!! It was litereally around the corner from the previous office. M called me as we were leaving the attorney's office to make sure we were ok and that we didn't have the location mixed up. She is honestly the best. She brought her Daughter with her; however her hubby was unable to attend this time. We had wonderful conversation and I learned more things about them. I love getting to know them. AND for them to get to know me... it will make this whole process easier in the long run.
After our wonderful lunch, we met with Dr. Davidson... and no HER first name wasn't Harley. LOL This appointment was a pyscological evouluation for hubby and I. Just to make sure we are on the same page at M&M. The appointment went smooth! I had to fill out this questionaire... OMG it was like 540 questions! I had to use a #2 pencil and fill in the bubble ... at least it WAS true or False. But I will say this, my hand was cramping for 30 min by the time I was done. lol That was the worse part about the interview. She seemed to think we were a good match though. So I am excited to be going forward from here!

Now What? We wait for M&M to go over the contract with their lawyer. Once that is done, it will go to my attorney and we will have a looksy. I really don't like this part of the process; however it has to be done.

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