Tuesday, January 20, 2009


M&M called the nurse coordinator early last week and mentioned to her that we were moving along with things and wanted to know a possible cycle time for the clinic. Cycle, as in the week they take eggs out, mix and match, oven bake. (little humor) She told her that March 11th or April 20th are the weeks we can shoot for! Woohoo.... I am SO excited!!! Now things need to move in a certain order.... So I called my nurse coordinator this past Friday. I asked if she had spoke with the doctor I met with last week. She had not! OK... geez people, we are trying to have a baby here!!! So I politely told her when I had seen this doctor and the impression that I received. She assured me she would email the doctor and request an update in the chart so we could move forward.... There is a possibility that I will have my medical screening done next week!

Well after a week and a half of waiting for a call, email or shout of any kind, I called my Lawyer. I asked if she had spoken to or had any contact with M&M's attorney. She said, "hummm, nope".
So I reminded her it had been over a week and that I was hoping that she has had some contact with them. She said she would email and see where they were at in the contract. Now don't get me wrong... I know that M&M's attorney is a busy person. There was another contract before mine that needed to be addressed. So there is that little thing called first come; first served. LOL I was instructed to not take any 'drugs' until the contracts were complete and signed. So the fact that I haven't even heard from anyone saying there is indeed a contract started; makes me a bit nervous.

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