Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How much is too much?

I have really been feeling good the last month and a half! So good, I have been working out and really feeling energetic. Well, my working out needs to be altered a little now because I think I have injured my left shoulder. You see a few years ago I tore the ligaments in it from lifting weights. Can you see a pattern? Well too much lifting and no 24 hour breaks is causing some pain. I seriously am having issues lifting my water bottle when it is full. LOL So my routines will be altered and I will focus on my abs and lower body for a week or so until I can see if it is healing up properly. I enjoy taking care of myself... I think I just went a little overboard this week. So yes I am gonna take it easy on the shoulder moves! Guess my REAL push ups may have to go back to knee ones... dang it!

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