Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free Christmas and other stuff

My oh My what a crazy month! I think I will break it down to events; however keep in mind that most days I am doing a little or more of each one of these things. lol

Surrogacy Stuff~ M&M has made a very important decision and the fertility doctors have agreed, so we are all moving forward. Monday of this week I called my doctor and they faxed over the results of everything done last week. All of the tests came out perfect and was then faxed to the agency. After calling Shirley to confirm receipt of the faxes, she assured me that the packet would be on it's way to the fertility doctor. Now I am waiting to hear from the nurse coordinator on the date of my appointment(s).
Free Christmas~ As I stated in prior blogs, last year it took me and my children approx. 10 hours to go through all of the donations. This year my husband and daughter have been able to help. We are at 16 hours and still have plenty to go through. I am so excited and happy to have these donations and look forward to THIS Saturday when we will be able to open the doors for the community to come in and obtain Christmas Presents for their families. This is such an awesome experience to witness. I am also VERY thankful for all the volunteers that help make this event such a big success. With out them, I wouldn't be able to accomplish as much as I do. Last year we helped 32 families, which was 92 people. This year I have had over 80 calls from families planning on being there... I sure hope they show up because I have enough stuff to supply that many. Thank God!
YMCA Trimmings~ Last year I signed up for this contest. It is a 5 week contest. I joined a team and tried hard to be there daily and complete all of the challenges. After 2.5 weeks of trying hard and succeeding, I wasn't able to do a few challenges due to travel. This caused my spirits to fall and my self doubt to kick in. This year I joined and my goal was simple. Maintain my weight during this holiday season. I did NOT join a team because I didn't need the added pressure. I am excited to say I have been really taking advantage of this trimmings thing. I found out a good friend of mine has a membership there and when we can coordinate our schedules we go together. However this week we are unable to meet ANY day. So we have made a promise of going 3 times when we can this week. This added support has been a blessing beyond words. I have one more week after this one and I am hoping to maintain my weight!
Youth Digg Party~ Since I have the responsibility of the youth class, I get to pick the place... and pay. hahaha. We have some funds saved up from the year that we are using for our party. It will be so cool and I have told most of them that it is a surprise. I am taking them bowling. We will have pizza, dessert and present also. So THIS Sunday will be a busy day. I will have Sunday School class to teach, sermon to attend, party to throw and our Christmas Program will be that night followed by a dinner. I don't have a part in the program and my job is to bring the mustard for the dinner. So I am good there!
Open Arm's Christmas~ THIS Monday the Youth Digg class along with several Mom's and a couple friends of mine will join me in sharing some MORE love! We will be visiting a shelter for battered women and children. We have bought presents, cookies and will sing songs and read the story of the baby Jesus. I am humbled by this opportunity and am happy to have people willing to sacrifice their time and a little money for these people.
Work~ WOWZER! End of year here is crazy. I have so much to box up and re tag that it isn't funny. Posting to the accounting... reconciling accounts... measuring sales goals/charts... Planning the Christmas Luncheon. Enough said there! lol

UPCOMING Stuff: Daughter's Choir Concert is Tuesday and she has a solo.. I am so excited and nervous for her. I can't wait to attend!!!
Chad's Family Christmas will be on Saturday the 20th. We have decide to host it this year. So once Monday is over (see above) We will need to get busy cleaning the house... to a TEE! Right now it looks like Goodwill has thrown up.... (LOL)
Kid's Exchange~ Sunday the 21s will be another bitter/sweet day. I will be driving to meet the kid's dad and 'exchange' the kids. Our daughter will spend the holidays with her daddy and our son will be home finally, if only for 2 weeks. I miss him more that I can type on here. However he seems to be doing good where he is at.
Surprise Gift~ Monday Dec. 22 I plan on giving my husband and son a surprise gift. Not that I think they take the time to read my thoughts on here; however I will tell more about it AFTER the fact.
Work Party~ I mentioned this above however I wanted to add that because of the economy we will not have a big 'to-do' this Christmas at work. So my planning will be very limited! yippie.
Christmas~ I love Christmas!!!
Wind down to New Years...

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holy cow, shantay you are BUSY! hope your christmas event goes well!