Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yesterday blogging was very therapeutic! I feel a lot better today and at ease. Maybe because my family and I kicked butt last night and managed to go through the remaining donations for the Free Christmas. I have 1 small box of girly stuff to go through and I need to pack up the gift tags, ribbon and pens... then I will be all set. At some point Tuesday, we lost our black marker. LOL... Boy did I need it yesterday! Last year I would say we had 25 man hours invested in sorting, this year we have 50 man hours. Whew... that isn't even counting the time we have taken to coordinate volunteers, coordinate collections, go get the items, load and unload items. As you can see this event has a lot of behind the scene action!!! I hope someone is appreciative on Saturday... I will be blessed in seeing all the people that day... seeing smiles and excited faces. I pray God will allow everyone to come in and find that perfect gift for their family. I pray blessings on each volunteer and donor and needy family that comes through those doors. I pray for good weather and for protection over the store. Please pray with me! Thank you

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